10 Most Expensive Universities In The World


Going to school isn’t free. Unless, of course, you’re on scholarship. And again, because it involves a lot of expenses. Especially if you want to be able to afford to go to one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. These institutions are often very expensive, and although they offer super impressive services and quality knowledge, they charge fees that are as monumental as their reputation. These are the 10 most expensive universities in the world. As the prices listed are sometimes approximate, they can of course change depending on several factors…

  1. Stanford University (United States)

In California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford University serves as a key knowledge hub. It was here that the Internet was partly developed and it is still here that the elite of tomorrow are being trained. However, given the tuition fees, Stanford is clearly not the most affordable university in the world. In fact, it’s the most expensive. The maximum annual tuition is $43,750.

  1. California Institute Of Technology (USA)

Also known as Caltech, this university is famous around the world for a lot of very specific reasons. Yet if we all know it, it’s where Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard, the characters of The Big Bang Theory, work. It’s also where Walter White learned how to make methamphetamine at Caltech. But all of this comes at a price. $41,846 a year exactly!

  1. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (United States)

The famous MIT has seen its students win more than 80 Nobel prizes. That’s a measure of the level. Often considered one of the best colleges in the world, this temple of knowledge located near Boston has nothing free. Tuition fees amount to 41 578 $/year.

  1. University of Chicago (USA)

We’re staying at Uncle Sam’s with this hyper-rated and hyper-expensive college that has produced 89 Nobel Prize winners and 24 Pulitzer Prizes. Barack Obama, T.S. Eliot, the famous film critic Rogert Ebert and Bernie Sanders studied there. To do as they did, they will first have to manage to pay $40,090 per year. At the very least!

  1. Harvard University (USA)

Like MIT, Havard is located in the beautiful state of Massachusetts, near Boston. A region decidedly conducive to major studies. Of course, we no longer present Havard, the star of the colleges. But did you know that this is the richest university in the world? Not surprising when you consider that tuition is 37,732 euros a year.

  1. University of Cambridge (UK)

We leave the United States for England and the famous Cambridge, the second oldest after Oxford. A university which is particularly beautiful, a symbol of English prestige. Logically, the addition is rather salty. Up to 24,966 $ / year to study there in peace and quiet and be part of the elite.

  1. Imperial College London (United Kingdom)

It is precisely here, at Imperial College London, that Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. A college from which 15 Nobel Prize winners have graduated. That’s not bad. Tuition fees to be paid ruby on the nail: up to $24,319 per year.

  1. University College London (United Kingdom)

There’s no shortage of good colleges in London. This one’s the oldest one in the city, that’s for sure. Founded in 1826, it’s one of the best in the world. It has trained prestigious scientists and other politicians, but not only, since Christopher Nolan, the father of The Dark Knight and the recent Dunkirk, also studied here. The guys from Coldplay also studied there. Tuition fees: $20,648/year.

  1. Oxford University (UK)

The oldest college in Britain is also one of the best in the world. A sacred place where knowledge is king. A university where the greatest students, from Oscar Wilde to Lewis Carroll to Hugh Grant, Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, have studied. Even Emma Watson stayed there, she who decided to resume her studies after Harry Potter. Hogwarts doesn’t do everything either. That said, to get into Oxford, you have to be brilliant but also wealthy. Or a scholarship holder. It’s about $20,645 a year.

  1. Nanyang University, Singapore.

We finish our world tour of the hyper-expensive colleges with Singapore, which is constantly ranked among the best institutions in the world. Tuition fees can reach peaks depending on the course of study, but on average it takes about 14,600 $/year to study there.